Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogs Everywhere

It is amazing how many places I have noticed blogs and other Web2.0 tools popping up after taking this course. I was channel surfing late at night and landed on CSpan. There was coverage of the yearly KOS Blogger Convention. I am not pushing a certain party (registered independent), but it was an interesting use of blogging. I didn’t even know this group existed. Here is another article about it. There was an advertisement for a person who is blogging about building a house on HGTV. She blogs each day about the progress she makes. I think there was also some contest connected with it. Another recent example was an introduction to new Apple software – ILife 08. There are components that were touted as being Web2.0. There are some features that are at least friendly to Web2.0. IPhoto and Mac.com have new features that are awesome, as well as IMovie. There are direct links to Mac.com and Youtube to post your video from IMovie. Mac.com has some new powerful features, but still has the $100 cost. Again all of this points out to me how far I have come in understanding at least the rudiments of Web2.0 from where I was a month ago.


Anonymous said...

I too am amazed at how often I notice metion of blogs now that I have been taking this class. It's almost like there is a whole new world out there.

Susan said...

I never did much with blogs before this class either. It's a weird feeling that strangers may read what you post. That's also the intriguing part. You're a journalist and people who care about your topic and know about your blog read your posts. Some blogs are associated with well known authors or sites and I understand how people hear about them but I am amazed at the networks that exist that will point to some of the blogs I read. My PLN and the Web 2.0 tools have definitely come together in my mind as a learner and I hope to work with students in this area.