Sunday, August 12, 2007

RSS is an SOS

Using the Google Reader RSS has been a good experience. It is becoming as second nature as it is to check email. I like a point Pam refers to in a blog post about knowing where to find knowledge. The RSS is certainly one method to navigate your way to knowledge. One question I have is about number. Do most of the free sources allow high enough numbers for whole classes/schools to assign each student their own? One issue that keeps coming to my mind is security. There are probably many posts/websites out there that I wouldn’t want my fourth graders to read. I would think the same applies to high school. How can you monitor/screen what students are seeing?

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mrichme said...


You can always create a RSS feed from your Google Reader. When you finish reading an entry within Google Reader you can click on the RSS symbol that says "Share This". Your students could view your feed which would be the edited version compilation of yours. Email me if you have any questions.