Sunday, August 12, 2007

Illuminating Elluminate

I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Elluminate. There are many features that could be useful for all level of students. At the elementary level I could see using the voice/typing ability to allow students in another school to communicate with my own class. In the past I have had students be email pen pals with students in another state. This would be an awesome next level. To take it further I love the ability to view and share files. A collaborative project with the penpal would work well in a Wiki. Elluminate would again take it to a different level. Being able to communicate and share files would be an awesome combination. The features seem easy to use, and being an administrator would allow a good degree of security. Students would love to use the applause and related features. Instant feedback is awesome. The cost involved might be a roadblock at first. I would like to check out other related free programs. I believe that someone said Elluminate has a 3 person free level. Is that correct?


Amber Koskela said...

Hi Dave,

My name is Amber Koskela and I am the online marketing associate here at Elluminate. I would love to be able to talk to you some more about your blog. Please contact me at your next convenience. Thank you.


Amber Koskela

Elluminate, Inc.

Office #: (603)882-2461


bethg said...

Hi Dave,

Glad you enjoyed your Elluminate tour. Yes, Elluminate vRoom is our free, 3-seat version of Elluminate Live! It has all the same features, except recording. For more, visit

- Beth, Elluminate Goddess of Communication