Monday, August 20, 2007


I have been very impressed with all of the Web2.0 tools we have learned about. I am anxious to try them out with my students. One of the projects I want to try is a collaborative project with email pen pals. One component that I think is very important is actual face -to-face interaction. While I want to capitalize on my students' inherent interest in Web2.0 tools, personal interaction while using the computer is important. I have enjoyed taking this course. I was apprehensive about taking my first on-line course, but is has gone well. While Jeff has been very helpful, and I have gotten to know some new people, I miss the personal interaction of a regular face-to-face course. Just as we want students to interact during science experiments and in-class projects. I think interaction WHILE using the computer is very important. To me it is like the difference between just turning on a video for students and stopping the video at points for discussion. Just my 2 cents on interaction.


Susan said...
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Susan said...

I hear people say that the computer is a passive method of communication but when did we ever have an inexpensive real time way to communicate with anyone half way around the world. I think you are right about the importance of good interpersonal face to face skills. I did a survey of what technical skills local businesses need in high school graduates. One of the side issues that came up is the body art, piercings and their poor interpersonal skills. It may not be the fault of Web 2.0 tools but interaction seems to need some work.